Kyle and Karen's House Addition Project

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In late 2003, we got financing to build an attached "garage" onto our house. It will be two stories tall and have four garage bays. Later (hopefully not much later) we will finish out the top floor to make it into four bedrooms. We will be demolishing the old, falling down garage when the addition is complete.

We thought it would be fun to do a photo-diary of the addition and demolition. Click on the links to the right to see how our project is progressing. You can click on any picture to see a larger image.

"But Kyle, you are as poor as dirt! How can you guys afford this?!?" When we bought the house back in 1996, it was valued at $85K. In late 2003, the interest rates were so good that we decied to refinance the loan. We found out that the house had increased to $150K in value. The old garage was literally falling down, putting our Model A Ford in jeopardy, and we had wanted and needed more space in the house as well. It only made sense to refinance for a higher amount than the original loan and to use the difference to finance an addition. With some creative help from our loan officer (Britt Faunce, Financial Specialist, Wachovia, 770-497-4150 direct), we closed the loan and a check was cut to us for the difference of the new loan and the payoff. We immediately hired a builder. He is a neighbor and friend, so he has been watching every dime for us. We are still right on the ragged edge of being able to do this whole project financially. The builder has been giving us extra new materials from other jobs sites and letting us do some of the work, like the grading and the sheetrock, to help us make this dream a reality.

"But Kyle, why do you need four garage bays?" We keep the 1931 Model A Ford inside at all times. We keep Kyle's beautiful race car (Nova) inside. We also want to keep our daily drivers inside. Our pickup, tractor, car trailer, and our friend Irv's trucks can stay outside!

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